1 - Learning and Development Centre – “LDC” Building

The building presents a welcoming public face on arrival to the

site and controls access to the operational site beyond. This

double storey building contains classrooms, workstations, assembly

hall, kitchen, dining, gym and changing facilities to support

NIFRS Training.

2 - Breathing Apparatus Charging Facility

A single storey modular building for the storage, maintenance, cleaning and refill of Breathing Apparatus equipment.

3 - Learning and Development Centre - Car Park

90 car parking spaces are concealed behind a band of existing woodland.

4 - Training Warehouse

This multi-storey building provides simulated training environments for marine, residential, industrial and commercial premises. It also contains a training fire station with practical training classrooms and welfare facilities. It is surrounded by a large hardstanding area for vehicle circulation and manoeuvring.

5 - Drill Tower

A steel frame structure for fire rescue and ladder training surrounded by hardstanding for vehicle access and manoeuvring.

6 - Flood Water Facility

This specialist facility provides a training environment for flood and river rescue. It includes a reservoir and channel where water can be controlled and diverted to simulate a range a rescue conditions. It will be secured by a perimeter fence.

7 - High Volume Pump Training Area

An area of hardstanding for water pump training.

8 - Call Out Village

This training environment replicates a local village and includes a bungalow, a semi-detached dwelling and a detached dwelling.

9 - Search and Rescue Training Area – rubble pile

A training environment for collapsed buildings and below ground rescue.

10 - Agricultural Barn and Slurry Pit

This replicates a typical rural barn and provides a realistic training environment for farmyard rescues. It will also provide onsite storage for NIFRS.

11 - Phase 1 Tactical Fire Fighting Building – already constructed

12 - Phase 1 Support Building – already constructed

13 - Extension to Support Building

A single storey welfare extension to the existing Phase 1 support building.

14 - Simulated Industrial and Chemical Training Area

An environment for hazardous materials training using simulated substances only.

15 - Motorway and Embankment

A specialist driving and road traffic collision training area.

16 - Driver Training Area

A specialist driving training area enclosed by landscape and planting.

17 - Road Traffic Collision Training Network

A network of A and B category roads for RTC rescue training

18 - Existing Woodland to be retained