Works Description


Phase 1 of construction has already established a NIFRS presence on the site. A new Tactical Fire Fighting facility (TFF) and Training Support Building (TSB) have been operational since October 2019 and will continue to be used for training by NIFRS throughout phase 2 of the works.

A central graded spine road connects all platforms and buildings including completed Phase 1 works.

The two largest buildings on the site are the Learning and Development Centre (LDC) and the Training Warehouse. A Site Masterplan drawing provided provides details of all buildings and training facilities across the site.

It is envisaged that contractors will require some specialist sub-contractors to join their team to help deliver bespoke training facilities such as the Flood Water and Fire Props.

There is an emphasis on retention of existing hedgerows and woodland to retain the landscape character of the site and support existing bio-diversity.

New landscape works will help screen and enclose training areas and enhance planting on site whilst ensuring that the project quickly becomes part of its local context

Site Location

The red zone indicates the boundary of the NIFRS site off the A29 Dunagannon Road.